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Life on welfare: Temporary cash assistance families & recipients, 2017 jurisdictional summaries

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 16:51
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McColl, Rebecca
Nicoli, Lisa Thiebaud
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Baltimore, MD
Published Date: 
April 2018
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April 2018

This document includes individual summaries for each of the 24 jurisdictions as well as the state. Each summary includes every family in that jurisdiction who received TCA for at least one month in state fiscal year 2017 (July 2016 to June 2017). Additionally, the demographics and employment analyses are only for adult recipients, so payees who are not recipients themselves are excluded from those sections of the table. We believe this provides a more accurate representation of families and individuals receiving TCA.

Because we are interested in receipt during a state fiscal year, the first month in the year that a family actually received benefits is the first month included in the analysis. For example, if a family applied for TCA in January 2017, that family might not actually receive benefits until February 2017. We would consider February 2017 the first month of receipt. However, benefits are retroactive to the date that a family applied for assistance, so this family would receive prorated benefits for January. Since the family received benefits for January 2017, some of the measures we use, such as months of receipt in the state fiscal year or months of receipt counted toward the time limit, would count January as a month of receipt. These discrepancies are important in understanding data related to past program participation.

Disabled for 12+ months is defined as individuals coded as OTD in WORKS, the data system used to track participation in work activities, at any point in the 2017 state fiscal year. Due to data availability, the second adult on cases with more than one adult recipient is excluded from this analysis.

Additional information on methods and data sources can be found in the main brief, Life on Welfare: Temporary Cash Assistance Families & Recipients, 2017. (Author introduction)


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